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Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPS $4.99
VPS Windows and Linux.
50% discount

On the occasion of Black Friday, which this year will be on November 25 and until Cyber Monday (November 28), the Secure Online Desktop provides a discount of 50% on all Cloud products listed below.


1) Go to:
2) Choose one service (see available service below) from Order panel
3) Insert follow promotional code:
in "Use promotional code" section.
4) Complete wizard.
Available services
  • Cloud Services: 
    • IaaS Public Cloud - VPS
    • IaaS Public Cloud - Load Balancer
    • IaaS Public Cloud - Managed Services
    • SuperCloud
    • Cloud CRM
    • Cloud Conference
    • Webhosting
Note. The coupon code is valid on the first billing cycle for all new orders and can only be used on November 28 2016. At the end of the promotion you will receive the message: The promotional code you used is not valid
Price wihout discount: $9.99 monthly
Price with discount: $4.99 first month
Price wihout discount: $29.99 annually
Price with discount: $14.99 first year
Price wihout discount: $50.00 annually
Price with discount: $25.00 first year
For more information write an e-mail to [email protected] or go to :
Note. All prices mentioned above do not include VAT.
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