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Cloud Milan

Cloud Milan


The Datacenter in Italy of the Secure Online Desktop reside in Caldera street 21 in Milan at the MIX (Milan Internet eXchange).

Our Datacenter is a Tier 3 with the following technical features:

Cloud Milan – Physical security:

The service you purchase includes structural elements and procedures to prevent / deter the physical access of unauthorized personnel to the Datacenter. Physical security is achieved through:

   ♦ electronic systems for access control;
   ♦ surveillance personnel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
   ♦ cameras inside the Datacenter;
   ♦ on-site personnel, whose duties include checking the Client’s activities;
   ♦ well defined access procedures;
   ♦ control of material and baggage entering and leaving the Datacenter.

HVAC conditioning:

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
The service you purchase includes the use of the Datacenter heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The temperature and humidity inside the rooms dedicated to the service are strictly controlled to ensure stable conditions for the equipment installed, according to the following parameters:

   ♦ Power: 1000W / m2
   ♦ Temperature: between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius
   ♦ Humidity: between 40% and 60%

Fire prevention:

The service that purchases includes the use of the fire protection / suppression system inside the Datacenter, consisting of passive elements and active elements.

   ♦ Passive elements. They are located in areas and parts of the building where required by current building regulations.
   ♦ Active elements. They consist of an electronic detection system located inside the floors and / or counter-ceilings. The system is manufactured in compliance with current regulations.
   ♦ Fire suppression system. The system is built using a gas suppression system, mainly based on FM 200 or Inert55 (mixture of nitrogen and Argon), or other component according to law.

Canal floor:

The data rooms are equipped with a floating floor with the following characteristics:
Loading capacity: 1,200 Kg / m2
Minimum height: 50 cm

Equipment cabling: “aerial” conduits

Environmental controls:


The service that purchases includes the use of the following environmental controls:

♦ Protection against electric shock – Present
♦ Lightning protection – The Via Caldera complex is equipped with lightning protection systems located on the roof of each building.
♦ Anti-dust / pollen filters – Present
♦ Anti-flooding system: Present
Our Datacenter has been built according to the norms in force and has the ISO 27001 certification.

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