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Cloud services

cloud services

The provision of Cloud Services is the core business of Secure Online Desktop, through these services we are able to provide our customers with support to all the company’s ICT processes. Thanks to the adoption of Cloud services, our customers can use a reliable Cloud Provider that, through its Datacenter, is able to implement and maintain the customer’s server pool in a highly professional and structured environment.

The categories of services most used by our customers are:

Cloud services

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Through this service it is possible to create a single virtual server (VPS) or an internal virtual datacenter on which to install the company’s own applications, avaling the computational capacity of our Cloud.

IaaS services are an excellent response to customers who want to offer their customers services provided by a stable, professional and flexible infrastructure

The services offered in this category are:

   ♦ Cloud Server: It offers the possibility to create a virtual server in a few minutes from a convenient web interface without having the necessary hardware resources and facilities to manage it.
   ♦ Super Cloud: Offers the possibility to create a real Cloud Datacenter with one or more virtual servers to replicate or expand your Datacenter.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Through this service you can take advantage of software in web or remote mode as if it were installed on your PC, at the same time you have all the advantages offered by the Cloud world (flexibility, backup, redundancy, etc.). With the SaaS services it is not necessary to install the software on your PC or server as everything you need is online and publicly accessible.

The services offered in this category are:

   ♦ Cloud CRM for call centers: Software designed for call centers to manage outbound and inboud calls.
   ♦ Web conference: Software for creating web meetings.

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