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Network Traffic Analyzer: an extra gear for the Next Gen SIEM

Businesses today have a hard time detecting hackers’ sophisticated intrusion techniques. To stem security problems, you need to use the combination of several elements. These elements are: accurate monitoring of network traffic, user actions and system behavior. The Network Traffic Analyzer tools can analyze and monitor traffic in order to detect anomalies, even the most difficult to identify.

At SOD, we provide a network traffic monitoring platform, with security alerts and a log of user activity to detect even the most sophisticated threats.

Network Traffic Analyzer

Advantages of the Network Traffic Analyzer

The advantages of the Network Traffic Analyzer lie in being able to combine an accurate monitoring of network traffic in addition to the analysis of the security logs . The intent is to detect advanced security threats. In detail, with our tools you can:

Identify NTA Advanced Threats , analyze security information and manage events that SIEM systems cannot identify.

Automatically detect all devices connecting to the network and vulnerabilities with zero impact on the production plant.

Increase efficiency , reducing management expenses.

We offer survey tools and quick responses by collecting and analyzing links on events. Plus, we’re enriching everything with built-in advanced security tools, automation, and responsiveness. We reduce false positive warnings over 90% of cases by prioritizing threats that use and extend across the network and security events.

Ultimately, we are able to respond to inquiries faster by having detailed information available.

Prioritize advanced-threats with Network Traffic Analyzer

More advanced cyber attacks usually take longer to implement and a large number of steps. Detection of such threats requires continuous monitoring of indicators of compromise (CIOs) between the sources of events.

We combine threat chain analysis and indicators of compromise to repair security issues, risk events and user actions using our Network Traffic Analyzer tool by detecting advanced threats. Threat chains are based on standard models, such as the MITER ATT & amp; CK® framework.

Our team allows you to instantly detect using a natural language search. Thanks to our work suite it is possible to investigate threat actors or indicators of compromise, available on any kind of entity, with the intent to stem threats.

The displayed data can be saved or exported in the most common formats.

NTA and Next Gen SIEM

The collected data populates an SDL which in turn provides the data to be analyzed by the Next Generation SIEM. The use of a latest generation SIEM brings artificial intelligence into play. All the data collected provide important profiles for behavioral analysis, which in turn is able to complete the picture and identify suspicious behavior even if they use techniques that do not cause alarms.

An NTA system is positioned in the field of network monitoring and collaborates with the other tools typical of a SOCaaS to ensure even greater protection.

Custom reports

Our Network Traffic Analyzer tools include data reporting with insights into network traffic, allowing you to manage everything through an integrated dashboard. They also include various features out of the box , including the ability to create customized reports based on customer needs.

Network Traffic Analyzer Report


With NTA tools, it is possible to ensure additional corporate security by entrusting them with monitoring network traffic. These tools are based on artificial intelligence, simplifying the process of detecting complex attacks and ensuring rapid reaction in response to cyber threats.

Thanks to our Network Trafic Analyzer tools, we guarantee protection to production IT systems in an economic and short-term manner , reducing the risk of IT incidents that could cause plant shutdowns and serious disruptions, by blocking so does the production.

When choosing an NTA solution, always remember to consider the blind spots on your network, the data sources you draw information from, and the hotspots on the network they converge on.

For questions or clarifications, we are always ready to answer all your questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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