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Protecting a site in WordPress: security package

Whether it’s WordPress or not, your website is potentially vulnerable to attack. Recent reports have shown that Google blacklists thousands of websites containing malware and phishing attacks every week. Considering how serious the potential security breaches can be for your business, we hope this article informs you why you should always protect your WordPress site.

Is protecting a WordPress site that important?

There are many small business owners who think their site is not in danger because they don’t consider their business big enough to be threatened by hackers. In fact, since you can still make money selling personal information, hackers usually don’t care how big or small a company is. Since you never know when or how your company will be attacked, it is essential to protect your site and take all possible security measures to protect your WordPress site.

It is not difficult to imagine that a company’s reputation is seriously damaged due to a hacked website. Hackers commonly install malicious software or viruses to extract data in the background. Ultimately, this can lead to a loss of trust in your company by customers, who will turn to a competitor.

When the site is attacked, the most immediate threats are the theft of customer information. As a result of the theft of customer information, the damage to your company’s reputation could also mean the loss of future income, not only in the short term, but also in the long term. This is because you will have to invest to rebuild your reputation and restore customer confidence.

How to protect your WordPress site from hackers

There are some precautions you can take to proactively defend yourself. It should be noted, however, that sometimes these are not enough, and the best thing is to have a service that constantly monitors everything that happens on the site. Not only accesses, but also actions performed on the site itself.

Strengthen passwords

Always remember to use a strong password, although sometimes it can be difficult to manage a long list of different passwords, it is absolutely necessary to do so. To make sure you have a strong password, you can use a password generator. Also remember to change it every two or three months and not to write it on sheets of paper or documents that can be found by those who should not know the password.

Change your username

By default WordPress sets the admin username as “admin”. All hackers know this and it is the first username they will try to use when attacking a website. If you want to increase the security of the site, always customize your username.

Two-Factor Authentication: WordPress is compatible with various additional security features such as two-factor authentication, which requires the administrator’s mobile phone to log in and provides an additional layer of security.

Constantly update the website

One of the main reasons hackers manage to hack a WordPress site is because the software has become obsolete.Whenever the site sends a notice to update the software, it should be done as a priority. WordPress goes to great lengths to improve its security features and sends constant updates as proof of their work in defending your website from hackers and unwanted attacks.

Make regular backups of your website

Your car may have a lock, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be insured against theft as well. Backups are like that insurance policy if your security fails. You should always have your backup data stored on an external device (such as a cloud storage). To have a safe and scheduled backup, you can use our WordPress Maintenance service, which also offers secure weekly backups that are always available in case of breach. While a backup is not the same as protecting your WordPress site from threats, it will help restore the site as quickly as possible in case of tampering.

What else can you do

Hackers can attack multiple sites at the same time, at any time and for no reason. It doesn’t matter if you are a large financial services company or a small start-up that sells handmade gifts, you need to invest to secure your WordPress site.

The advice is to evaluate the use of a security service such as that offered by SOD. The advantages are numerous:

We monitor the site to identify any downtime and take action

We update WordPress for you to always have the most secure version possible

Theme and plugin updates

– Weekly backups

– We offer assistance in using the site

SEO consultancy for site performance

We install a CDN to increase security and improve web page distribution

The company website is important, investing for its safety is essential for the image of the company. To receive further information, do not hesitate to contact us, we are available to answer any questions.

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