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Compliance to the new privacy regulation (EU) 2016/679

New privacy regulation     NEW PRIVACY REGULATION   The Secure Online Desktop S.r.l. can carry out consultancy activities for the adaptation to the new privacy regulation (EU) 2016/679. The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 will apply in all Member States from 25 May 2018, the deadline by which companies will have to comply with the new Privacy…

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test

      With the activities of Vulnerability Assessment (for brevity V.A.) and Penetration Test (for the sake of brevity P.T.), the logical and organizational security measures prepared by the client are checked to prevent computer crimes and the dissemination of sensitive information.     To this end it will be necessary:    ♦ identify the IT security vulnerabilities of…

Business Continuity Audit

Business continuity      The Secure Online Desktop S.r.l. is able to carry out Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) audit projects in order to verify their correct drafting and implementation. These audits may be necessary both for external verification of internal IT processes and for supplier control in case of IT outsourcing.   BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN…


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    @privacy_hub è un network di aziende costituito con l’intento comune di costituire un centro di competenza per risp…

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  • SecureOnlineDesktop

    I servizi di #VulnerabilityAssessment e #PenetrationTest consentono di verificare la robustezza della tua rete

  • SecureOnlineDesktop

    The #Atlanta #ransomware attack shows why organization need new defenses against the modern threats to their data.…

  • SecureOnlineDesktop

    Adeguamento al nuovo regolamento privacy (UE) 2016/679


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