Modern Data Protection

How to Completely Safeguard Businesses – with Ease

Simplify is often a valuable mantra of success. Yet in a complex and ever-evolving IT environment, it isn’t necessarily the go-to approach for service providers. In the case of data protection, simplification may not only seem unlikely, but potentially unwise. Fortunately, certain innovative cloud technologies now make it simple for companies to scale their infrastructure and defend that growth with efficient backup and recovery solutions.

Backup Acronis - Know your enemiesKnow your enemies

Human error is as damaging as ever and natural threats such as fire and flood still persist. Meanwhile, cyber threats are growing in number and complexity. Whatever the cause might be, if the lights go out for even an hour, companies are at risk.

43% of ransomware 

attacks are aimed at SMBs (1)

$8,58 1per hour

is the average cost of downtime (2)


(1) Small Business Trends (2) The Aberdeen Group

Backup Acronis - Shore up defensesModern Data Protection – Shore up defenses

The best defenses are usually based on a layered data protection strategy. First, you start with standard approaches, like passwords and encryption, traditional anti-virus protection and mobile wipe.

Then you secure everything, from emails and endpoints to servers, with a backup solution that actively protects against ransomware – so even customer backups are safe.

Secure cloud backup provides the last line of defense by protecting a business’ bottom line. Following the 3-2-1 rule of backup (creating three copies of your data, on two types of storage, with one located off-site) keeps your files safe and avoids the worst-case scenario – bankruptcy – should a disaster strike and destroy your local copies.

Backup Acronis - Embrace efficiencyEmbrace efficiency

With the emergence of the cloud, today there are even more solutions available to enhance business productivity. While that means you also have more systems and data to protect, it doesn’t need to be a problem. When it comes to data protection, the cloud can streamline and strengthen defenses without crippling your customer’s budget.

Backup Acronis - Use one comprehensive solutionUse one comprehensive solution

With the right backup solution, it’s easy to ensure complete data protection – including protecting virtual and mobile systems – so you no longer need to independently monitor and secure data across multiple environments. Modern solutions also let you:

1. Support more customers with centralized backup and recovery management

2. Experience unprecedented flexibility to choose any solution for any customer need

3. Protect all data seamlessly and remotely, in any location and any environment

4. Rest easy knowing the entire infrastructure, across multiple business locations, remains secure

Modern Data ProtectionEnjoy instant gratification

The cloud can offer a complete defense that scales as your customers’ businesses do. Just add-on cloud-based disaster recovery services and you can have businesses running again instantly. It’s that simple.

Modern Data Protection

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New Acronis Cloud Backup model for end users and new reseller plan


Our Acronis Cloud Backup service is renewed with two distinct subscription types for end users and retailers / system integrators. With the former, it is possible to meet the needs of small and medium businesses that need to have a professional solution for managing their local and remote backups (Cloud). The second one, on the other hand, is able to meet the most complex requirements of System Integrators who will be able to use the service to implement ad-hoc Data Protection projects for their clients.


The Starter package protects a Workstation and three mobile devices by providing 30Gb of space on our Cloud. This solution is ideal for professionals or small studios where you want to safeguard data from a workstation and up to 3 mobile devices inside the office.


The Basic package protects five Workstations, one Server, three virtual machines, and fifteen mobile devices by providing 300Gb of space on our Cloud. This solution is ideal for professional or small businesses.



The Professional package protects an unlimited number of Workstations, Servers, Virtual Machines, and Mobile Devices by providing 2Tb of space on our Cloud. This solution is ideal for medium to large businesses.


The software agents of all Acronis Cloud solutions can also be used for local backups (local NASs) at no extra cost thanks to multiple backup plans that can be assigned to each system to be protected.


Acronis Cloud Backup Prices

  • Acronis Cloud Backup - Starter

    For small business

  • $4.75/Month
  • Workstation = 1
  • Server = 0
  • Virtual Machine = 0
  • Mobile device = 3
  • Storage space = 30 Gb
  • Acronis Cloud Backup - Basic

    For medium business

  • $63.41/Month
  • Workstation = 5
  • Server = 1
  • Virtual Machine = 3
  • Mobile device = 15
  • Storage space = 300 Gb
  • Acronis Cloud Backup - Professional

    For big business

  • $253.69/Month
  • Workstation = Unlimited
  • Server = Unlimited
  • Virtual Machine = Unlimited
  • Mobile device = Unlimited
  • Storage space = 2 Tb





You, as a system integrator, need to support an increasing number of use cases to retain customers and expand your Total Addressable Market (TAM). Acronis Cloud Backup provides you with tools and options to protect any device in any location by backing up to any storage and recovering to any platform.

Acronis Workload



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A Hybrid Cloud Solution for System Integrator and reseller

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ACRONIS CLOUD BACKUP SYSTEM INTEGRATOR Thousands of system integrator — from small to large — succeed by selling an award- winning backup-as-a-service solution that supports more than 20 platforms. Acronis Cloud Backup protects any virtual, physical, and cloud environment, and lets you quickly realise incremental revenues with zero upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go business model.


You, as a system integrator, need to support an increasing number of use cases to retain customers and expand your Total Addressable Market (TAM). Acronis Cloud Backup provides you with tools and options to protect any device in any location by backing up to any storage and recovering to any platform.

Acronis Workload






Control Your Deployment

 • Secure Online Desktop-Hosted (Turnkey solution)

 • Hybrid Cloud



Control Your Licensing


 • Supports both pay-as-you-go and pre-paid models

 • Supports hard and soft quotas

 • Offers per-GB or per-seat/per-device licenses


Control Your Packaging

• White label the backup service
• Control the availability of specific features Set quotas for specific accounts and groups


Control Your Technology Model

• Includes a set of pre-built integrations to connect Acronis Backup Cloud to your billing, management, and provisioning solutions
• Furthermore Acronis Cloud Backup offers cloud automation using RESTful management API



Protection for 20+ platforms

 • On-Premise, remote, cloud

 • Windows®, Linux®, Mac®

 • VMware vSphere®, Microsoft

 • Hyper-V®, Citrix XenServer®, Linux KVM, Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization, and Oracle VM Server

 • Amazon EC2®, Azure®

 • Office 365®

 • Exchange, SQL®, SharePoint®

 • Active Directory®

 • iPhone®, iPad®, Android®


World’s Fastest Recovery

  • Acronis Universal Restore

  • Granular recovery

  • Bare-metal recovery

  • Acronis Instant RestoreTM

  • Virtual host recovery

  • Acronis vmFlashbackTM

  • Automated recovery

  • Any-to-any migration (P2V, V2V, V2P, P2P, P2C, C2C, etc.)


Flexible Storage Options

 • Local Disks


 • Acronis Cloud Storage

 • Off-host operations 

 • 14+ data centers

 • Third-party hosted, including Azure,

 • Amazon® S3, IBM Bluemix®


Security Features

 • Multi-tenant cloud

 • 2048-bit SSL channel encryption

 • AES-256 data encryption in transit and at rest

 • Tier-IV designed, SSAE-16 certified

 • data centers provided by Acronis

 • Network based login restrictions



NEW Acronis Active ProtectionTM

Protects your customers’ data and systems from ransomware attacks
by detecting, blocking, and reversing suspicious changes to data, backup files, and the backup agent.


NEW Acronis ASignTM

Eliminates miscommunications with users, suppliers, and customers by supporting the authenticity of your customers’ files with signatures enabled by blockchain.


Management and Customization

 • Multi-tenant service platform with multiple partner tiers

 • Multiple points of custom branding • Ability to enable/disable specific features for customers

 • Granular control over quotas for storage and devices

• Automated backup agent updates from the cloud for easy maintenance


Powerful Integrations

 • Integrates with Odin®, HostBill, Flexiant®, WHMCS®, ConnectWise®, Autotask®, LabTech®, and Microsoft Azure

 • Provides integrations settings configuration and status right in the cloud console

 • Simplifies integration efforts with RESTful management APIs

 • Integrates with APS Cloud Application Standard v2.0/1.2


Unified Cloud Console

 • Easy, centralized administration of all partner and customer accounts

 • A single console to manage all services from Acronis

 • Intuitive, touch-ready web console • Already in the Acronis Cloud – zero installation required


Dedicated Technical Support

 • Pre-sales and post-sales support for system integrator, provided by a designated team of specialists to help you in all stages of the customer lifecycle

 • Tier II technical support 24/7/365 free of charge, exclusively for certified Acronis partners Professional Services

 • Acronis Professional Services to help ensure the success of your Acronis implementations

 • Professional assistance with more complex service deployments, including private-cloud backup and software-defined storage implementations Training and Certifications

 • Acronis Training & Certification courses tailored to teach your team how to sell and implement hybrid cloud data protection strategies

 • Classroom and online training sessions led by professional instructors who guides you through the exercises, use cases, and online examination

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