Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Protect your Client Area with Two Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator

Now you can protect your Client Area login with Google Authenticator so you will add and extra layer of security on your Cloud Account.


Two Factor Authentication

How to enable Google Authenticator on Secure Online Desktop account

1 Access to your Client Area and log in with your account;

2 Go on Account -> Edit Details section;


3 Flag “Two-Factor Authentication” option;

Two-Factor Athentication

4 Scan the generated code with your Google Authenticator app (download it from Apple Store or Google Play) for your smartphone;

5 Save your settings;

6 Logoff from your account and login again;


7 At this point, after username and password you need to insert the OTP code generated from you Google Authenticator app.

Two Factor Authentication

Now that you are done your Cloud Account and all related Cloud Services are safer because and attacker need to not just username/password but also your OTP code. You can disable this feature any time in your Account Details.