New IaaS Architecture was released February 3th!

The following section list all the features, improvements, and fixed included in IaaS Service  5.0 release:

Type Summary
Improvement Now Redis is used to lock LVM operations.
Improvement RHEL/CentOS 5.x Ruby packages compiled with OpenSSL 1.0.1e.
Improvement Erlang upgraded to 18.3 version.
Improvement Improved reliability and cloud engine.
Fix Fixed the issue when after editing a swap disk that had been manually added (built or attached), the disk was removed from fstab and wasn’t available anymore.
Fix Fixed the issue when Virtual Servers built on vCloud compute resources were shut down after increasing the disk size.
Fix Fixed the problem when under certain conditions the vCloud user group created from GUI got duplicated. This led to duplicated resource pools and general misconfiguration of vCloud.
Fix Fixed the problem when in multi-vCenter environment the stats have not been collected from one of vCenter instances.
Fix Fixed the issue with inserting media to vCloud Director VS.
Fix Fixed the synchronization problem when deleting a media file from the catalog in vCloud Director was not updated in SOD CP.
Fix Fixed the issue when vCloud console did not show the correct size for Windows VSs.
Fix Fixed the problem when password became out of sync in vCloud Director after an admin had been editing a user profile and left the password blank.
Fix Fixed the problem when it was impossible to upload an ISO when the image extension was with capital ISO letters.
Fix Fixed moving Firewall Rules down
Fix Fixed the problem when Windows VS build failed if owner’s name contained incompatible character encodings: ASCII-8BIT and UTF-8
Fix Fixed a range of minor bugs related to VPN IPsec of vCloud Director integration.
Fix Fixed the problem when it was impossible to build a VS from ISO with operating system Windows.
Fix Fixed the error which occurred for a backup’s transaction log item.
Fix Fixed the broken autoscaling for load balancer clusters (autoscaling type) .