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In today’s digital world, cybersecurity has become a priority for companies of all sizes and industries. Cyberthreats are constantly evolving, and to stay ahead, organizations need to implement a variety of tactics and strategies. One of these is Threat Hunting, which has become a key component of SOCaaS (SOC as a Service). In this article, we’ll explore what exactly threat hunting is, why it’s so important in SOCaaS services, and how a SOCaaS service, like the one offered by Secure Online Desktop, can enhance enterprise security.

What is Threat Hunting?

Threat hunting is a proactive process of searching for and identifying advanced threats that may have gone undetected by traditional security measures. This process involves using a combination of data analysis techniques, human insights, and technology to track down suspicious or anomalous activity within a network.

Threat hunting isn’t limited to responding to alerts generated by security tools. Instead, it is an active and continuous search for as-yet-unidentified malicious activity. This proactive approach enables organizations to spot threats before they can cause significant damage.

Threat Hunting in SOCaaS Services – Why is Threat Hunting Important in SOCaaS Services?

SOCaaS services provide organizations with a dedicated security team that monitors, manages and responds to security threats. Threat hunting is a crucial part of this service because it allows you to identify and neutralize advanced threats that may escape standard security controls.

Organizations are turning to SOCaaS services for a variety of reasons, including a lack of in-house expertise, the growing complexity of security threats, and the need to respond quickly and effectively to potential threats. Threat hunting adds another layer of protection, helping organizations stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

The Different Types of Threat Hunting

Identifying threats

Threat hunting can be performed in different ways, depending on the specific needs of the organization, its resources and its skills. The three most common methods are:

  1. Hypothesis-driven threat hunting: This method is based on the intuition and experience of the security team. Assumptions about possible malicious activity are formulated and then tested through data analysis.
  2. Machine-Based Threat Hunting: This approach uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to find suspicious or anomalous behavior patterns in network data.
  3. Threat Intelligence-Based Threat Hunting: This method uses information from threat intelligence sources to identify possible threats. This information may include indicators of compromise (IOC), tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) used by cybercriminals.

How Secure Online Desktop’s SOCaaS Service Can Increase Business Security

Secure Online Desktop offers a comprehensive SOCaaS service that includes Threat Hunting as an integral part of its security approach. This means that the Secure Online Desktop team doesn’t just monitor and respond to threats, they actively search for possible malicious activity within your network.

Secure Online Desktop uses advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to power its threat hunting activities. In addition, Secure Online Desktop’s team of security experts have the experience and expertise to formulate and test hypotheses about potential threats.

Investing in a SOCaaS service like Secure Online Desktop not only offers additional protection against advanced threats, but can also free up internal resources, freeing your team to focus on other important business initiatives. Additionally, thanks to the proactive nature of threat hunting, organizations can identify and respond to threats before they cause significant damage, thereby reducing potential costs and business disruptions.


Additionally, thanks to the proactive nature of threat hunting, organizations can identify and respond to threats before they cause significant damage, thereby reducing potential costs and business disruptions. The inclusion of threat hunting in SOCaaS services offers organizations an additional layer of protection against advanced and evolving threats.

By investing in a SOCaaS service like the one offered by Secure Online Desktop, organizations can benefit from a proactive approach to security that goes beyond simple threat monitoring and response to include actively searching for potential malicious activity. This can help organizations stay ahead of cybercriminals, reduce potential security risks, and improve their overall security posture.

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