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When the resources required by a single virtual server are no longer enough, it’s time to move on to a more complex solution. SuperCloud of the Secure Online Desktop (SOD) allows the creation of a VPS cloud network to support every need for data processing and web software distribution.

With the flexible management of the server infrastructure in connection with each other, remarkable results can be achieved. Whether it is managing customer data or running web applications, SuperCloud offers flexibility and full control over resources.

The freedom to manage your own IT structure without having to buy it physically is a nice advantage, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Control panel of the VDC

To make the best use of a VPS cloud, it is necessary to have a control panel that allows complete management of every aspect. From the control panel for SuperCloud virtual data centers, everything can be set up very easily.

The functions are added to those already provided by the Cloud Server service and introduce, not only the management of a virtual machine, but also that of a VM network. It is possible, among other things, to create and destroy virtual machines, to assign resources dynamically, to set up firewalls and automatic scaling rules.

The available console allows you to view the list of servers created within the SuperCloud. Details of each are also available, such as storage space, computing power and RAM memory.

SuperCloud VPS cloud management

The features available for managing the single virtual machine are completely similar to those offered by the Cloud Server service.

Flexible resource management is a prerogative of every server on the network. Independently of each other, within SuperCloud it is possible to assign the optimal quantity of resources to the single machine.

Available software

From the control panel it is possible to have access to a vast library of operating system images that can be installed on the servers. No additional costs, it’s all included in SOD’s SuperCloud plans for managing VPS clouds.

In addition, a significant number of open source web applications are available, freely usable.


An agile resource management system is included. These can be assigned when the machine is started, of course, but it is possible to set autoscaling rules to size the process of increasing them in response to a sudden request. The reverse process is also possible, with downward scaling to optimize the resources used and avoid waste.

It is possible, for example, to set a specific increase in computing power, RAM memory or storage space, in case the use of these exceeds a certain threshold for a certain period of time.

Scaling can take place both by increasing and decreasing resources in compliance with the imposed and configurable rules.

SuperCloud - Cloud VPS by SOD

Load balancing

Resizing resources is a very valuable tool, especially if supported by load balancing or load balancing. Within a VPS cloud, it is necessary to try to optimize server response times. To do this, we go through a process that aims to make overall processing as efficient as possible by dividing and balancing the load on the individual machines.

The system offered by the SOD infrastructure uses balancing techniques that can be set by the user. Through these functions it is possible to reach an optimal load on each server, avoiding to irregularly weigh down the network calculation nodes.

Through the autoscaling and load balancing features of the VPS cloud, the resources used are always under control. No surprise, therefore, you only pay those actually used.

Service stability and security

The architecture offered in the service implements a redundant machine management system. If one server turns out to be unreachable, another will take its place immediately, ensuring the continuity of the service.

Simplicity and efficiency of the VPS cloud

It takes just a few steps to create a VPS cloud network.

After registering with the Supercloud service, it is possible, in a few minutes, to create a network of VPS complete with operating system (available within the control panel). Each server will have two network interfaces, one private and one public.

The modification of the servers according to your needs takes place via the control panel and the consoles of the individual VPS. Panel and console can be reached from any device simply via the internet.

The characteristics of flexibility of resources, stability of the infrastructure and software available, make the offer of SOD SuperCloud plans really interesting.

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