metered VPS

metered VPS

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For several years, Secure Online Desktop offers Cloud servers and cloud services not only on hardware resources physically located in Italy, but also through customized custom projects abroad.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to an update of our web interface, it is now possible for a customer / partner to independently select the Datacenter according to the desired location by selecting from a list of 62 Datacenter in 25 countries around the world.

The Cloud Server that can be deployed across all of our Datacenter is the so-called VPS metered, ie Virtual Private Server whose cost is measured based on the time consuming of hardware resources, unlike classic VPS or SuperCloud, you can actually create a server for a few hours or for a few days, paying only for the time of use. In this sense, VPS metered are much cheaper than the so-called flat servers whose cost is constant and therefore does not vary within the billing period.

For those who fit the VPS metered?

Metered VPS are ideal under the following conditions:

   ♦ Limited use

      For demo, development and testing servers in periods of less than one month.

   ♦ The need for hardware resources outside of Italy

      For projects where you need to deploy resumes in different locations, for example: Multi-site projects, multi-pop, disaster recovery, offsite backup, etc.

   ♦ Better performance

      VPS metered can be created in one or more of the following Datacenter, for each Datacenter there is a score showing its relative performance, relative to the others. The score is between 1 and 100, the higher the score will be the performance of that Datacenter.


metered VPS Pro Tier and Dev Tier

There are currently two plans for metered VPS (soon the Enterprise plan will also be released), let’s see the difference macros together:

   ♦ Pro Tier

      It is necessary to select this type of Datacenter for server in production where it is necessary to ensure an adequate level of reliability and performance. This level ensures all the parameters required for a 100% uptime such as the presence of professional UPSs, high reliability resources, enterprise-wide components, etc.

   ♦ Dev Tier

      This level, much cheaper, is suitable for test or demo servers that are not in a production environment where high reliability is not required.


For those who are not fit for VPS metered?

Metered VPS are NOT ideal under the following conditions:

   ♦ Need to have flat costs

      By its very nature, the consumption and the relative costs of the metered servers vary according to use so they are not really ideal where it is absolutely necessary to have fixed costs.

   ♦ Need to have Italian resources

    The metered servers are deployed on 62 worldwide Datacenters, if a customer needs (for policy, internal regulations, etc) to have only hardware resources on Italian national territory then he should not choose this type of server unless the two Italians Datacenter in the list.

   ♦ Need to have IPv6 addresses

      IPv6 addresses are not yet supported by this type of server.

   ♦ Need to have internal network

      Internal networks (private LAN, VLANs, secondary LANs) are not yet supported by this type of server.

   ♦ Need to have the Cloud customization

      Customizations are not yet supported by this type of server.


In all the above cases, you need to navigate to Cloud Servers or SuperClouds.





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