Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup (Veeam Backup) allows users to extend their infrastructure in the Cloud. If you use Veeam Suite Availability, you can select CSR as the target for your outsite/offsite backup.


Off-site Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect


Veeam Cloud Connect Overview

Veeam Cloud Connect Overview


2017 Veeam Availability Report

2017 Veeam Availability Report


Setup it now

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to provide off-site backup for different subsidiaries or departments, while maintaining complete control and visibility. It creates the ability to send Veeam backups and replicas from multiple offices to a service provider data center without tedious configuration and VPN setup.

Veeam Cloud Connect allows users to:

  • 1) Establish a fast and effective off-site backup process;
  • 2) Backup VMs to the Cloud as part of your BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service);
  • 3) Use built-in Veeam technology and avoid complex networking configuration.



Service description

Configure you Veeam local installation in such a way that, following rule 3-2-1, the third backup instance resides within the Secure Online Desktop Datacenter.



1) Backup offsite hosting via secure SSL connection, without buying any Veeam additional license.

2) Access and retrieve data in the backup repository directly from the backup console.

3) Monitoring the use of busy space on the cloud repository.

4) Maximum use of modern Veeam backup technology, including Backup Copy jobs with integrated WAN acceleration, “forever incremental” backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies.

5) Absolute serenity with all source-encrypted data (end-to-end encryption) during transfer and destination without any adverse impact on data reduction rates offered by integrated compression and WAN acceleration capabilities.

How encryption works


Veeam® Cloud Connect offers complete encryption for data at rest thanks to Veeam Backup & Replication encryption capabilities, but also for data in flight, so that any information exchanged between a tenant and a service provider is protected while traveling over an insecure channel like the internet.


Veeam Cloud Connect uses two di different encryption technologies: SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Veeam encryption


SSL is a generic term related to a family of communication encryption technologies. In more detail, Veeam Cloud Connect uses the latest TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol and never fails back to older and insecure versions of SSL.

AES is also used together with SSL. It’s a symmetric encryption algorithm, and the de-facto standard for advanced data encryption.

During the initial connection between a customer and a service provider, the communication channel over a single TCP port (6180 by default) is protected with SSL. By verifying the SSL certificate published by the service provider, and comparing it to the hostname the provider is using for publishing Veeam Cloud Connect itself, the customer is assured that he is effectively connecting to the chosen service provider.


Restore data from Cloud Connect backup


Once the virtual machine copies are safely stored in a remote cloud repository, the tenant has successfully obtained an additional off-site copy of his workloads and data. From here, any restore operation can be accomplished, even if the original data has been lost at the tenant’s primary site.

Restore files

The most common operation a tenant would do is to restore files. If the files that need to be restored are not in a local backup anymore, but are stored in a cloud repository, then the tenant needs to start a file restore operation.

NOTE: As of today, only files stored in virtual machines running Microsoft Windows OS can be directly restored from a cloud repository. For other operating systems, a tenant needs to retrieve the entire virtual disk containing the required files first.
Veeam Restore files


Wan accelerator


WAN accelerators are components deployed at the service provider to improve bandwidth utilization of remote backups sent by customers. Even if any Veeam Cloud Connect operation can be executed without WAN accelerators, WAN accelerators become useful to optimise data flow.

In addition, starting from Veeam Backup & Replication v9, when the target of a job is Veeam Cloud Connect, customers using the Enterprise license are entitled to use WAN acceleration, while previously they had to have an Enterprise Plus license (and it’s still like this in v9 for jobs not involving Veeam Cloud Connect).

WAN accelerators at the service provider sit between cloud gateways and repositories (for backup and backup copy jobs) .They help improve the bandwidth utilization by caching blocks internally, avoiding the need to transmit every block over the wire.


Veeam Cloud Connect Pricing


  • Veeam Cloud Connect - Starter

    For small business

  • $80.00/Month
  • Backups N.5 Virtual Machine
  • 1Tb Storage space
  • Veeam Cloud Connect - Basic

    For medium business

  • $400.00/Month
  • Backups N.25 Virtual Machine
  • 5Tb Storage space
  • Veeam Cloud Connect - Pro

    For large business

  • $2,000.00/Month
  • Backups N.125 Virtual Machine
  • 25Tb Storage space

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More than 205,000 customers worldwide and 10.6 million VMs protected

Veeam helps organizations move from legacy backup to Availability

To enable Digital Transformation, 70% of the Fortune 500 rely on Veeam to ensure Availability of all data and applications. 24.7.365.



First Solution Provider Evolves, Enters the Cloud Services Market with Veeam

It’s critical to our success to be able to tell our customers that at a moment’s notice we’ll be there to get them up and running quickly. That’s what Veeam does for us. Veeam is the Swiss Army Knife of availability.

Barry Martin
Chief Executive Officer / Mirazon

National Bank of Abu Dhabi Trusts Veeam For 24×7 Uptime and Data Availability

Between superior recovery capabilities and built-in features that help us make the most of virtualization, Veeam is a hassle-free, plug-and-play, virtualization-aware availability solution. It has an arsenal of options that are a must-have for any modern enterprise.

Mahmoud Yassin
Lead Systems and Security Engineer / National Bank of Abu Dhabi

HSC Saves $100,000 each year with Veeam; Cuts RTO by 88% and RPO by 50%

We feel fully equipped to serve the business with Veeam. Veeam is an integral part of our IT infrastructure, giving us the ability to respond to business needs quickly. We can’t imagine life without Veeam.

Bhupinder Singh
Bedford School Main Logo (CMYK)_146x90_web

School Outsmarts Ransomware with Veeam; Recovers Encrypted Files with No Data Loss and No Ransom Paid

We chose Veeam in 2009 for ease of use and reliable recovery. In 2014, the CryptoLocker virus hit, and Veeam couldn’t have been easier to use or more reliable…Veeam assures us our data will be available when we need it.

Bob Eadie
IT System Manager / Bedford School
UCSJ_sort_180_67_logo web

Veeam and Cisco UCS C3260 Guarantee Students and Faculty Have 24×7 Access to Systems and Information at University College

Our job is to adopt systems and processes that allow us to serve students and faculty to the best of our ability and with the greatest flexibility,” Søjberg said. “Veeam and Cisco UCS C3260 support this by simplifying backup, recovery and storage, giving us 99.9% uptime and very happy users. We can tell university management with absolutely certainty that business continuity is guaranteed.

Steffen Bendix Søjberg
IT Operations Manager / University College Sjælland

UBC Delivers IT Services to Students and Universities throughout Western Canada with Veeam and NetApp

On the business side, Veeam Backup & Replication helps us deliver IT services that are more compelling and cost-effective than other providers. Veeam’s support for vCloud Director is critical in delivering cloud services to customers, and because Veeam will be four times less expensive than the legacy backup tool over a five-year period, we’re able to provide affordable IT to customers. Veeam MP is also important because it helps us keep customers happy. Veeam MP gives us much-needed visibility into our virtualised environment, which lets us resolve issues before customers are affected.

Mario Angers

Veeam Furnishes Home Good Retailer’s IT environment with 24×7 Availability to Support Business Growth

Before we deployed Veeam, our IT infrastructure wasn’t agile enough to support rapid changes demanded by the business and ensure fast time to market. Veeam succeeded in making us agile. We secured 24x7 availability of critical IT assets and assured the business we can fully support their time-to-market requirements.

Anders Harder
Team Manager of IT Server Operation / JYSK Nordics

Veeam Cloud Connect Helps Belgium’s Largest Reseller Transition Customers to its Cloud for Backup and DR

Veeam Cloud Connect is practical for any customer environment, whether its one of our reseller customers or a prospective customer. Demand for BaaS and DRaaS is high, Veeam is enterprise-ready and we’re building revenue.

Erlend Schenkels
Managing Partner / Arxus

Veeam Helps Law Firms Merge with No Downtime, No Data Loss and No Impact on Revenue

Veeam helped us merge two separate data centres with no impact on revenue and no data loss. Veeam is a reliable VM migration solution offering 24/7 availability of data.

Abba Abbaszadi
Head of IT Infrastructure / Charles Russell Speechlys

Veeam Becomes a ‘Guiding Force’ in the IT Infrastructure, Enabling Financial Services Company to Tear Down Technology Silos and Ensure 24.7 Availability

Veeam became a guiding force in our IT infrastructure. In addition to keeping us agile so we can respond quickly to changing business needs, Veeam opened our mind to simplifying virtualisation management, optimising our resources and extending our data centre spend. Veeam is the golden glove in our organisation.

Gert Prinsloo
Infrastructure Manager / Industrial Development Corporation

CPA Firm Counts on Veeam Availability to Meet Tax-Filing Deadlines

It’s amazing Veeam can restore data so quickly. Time is money, so if we can save the firm time by recovering an associate’s spreadsheet in minutes rather than hours, we’re helping preserve would-be billing hours. We’re in better shape financially with Veeam than we were with legacy backup.

Bob Daugherty
IT Director / DMLO CPAs

Veeam Supports University’s Student Recruitment and Retention Goals

Recruitment and retention are critical to the university’s long-term sustainability and success. Veeam plays an important role in our strategy to find, engage and enroll students plus keep them motivated and on track for graduation. Veeam is the benchmark for Availability in the IT industry.

Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen Manager of Infrastructure Services / Our Lady of the Lake University

Stony Brook University’s Tiny IT Team Delivers Enormous Data Availability with Veeam

Veeam’s biggest benefit to the university is 24x7 availability. The extra functionality Veeam provides, which lowers our risk of data loss, is a big plus.

Shrikant Iyer
Systems Engineer / Stony Brook University

Veeam Keeps OSN On-Air 24/7

Veeam has helped us leverage the many benefits of virtualization, mitigate the massive risk that downtime poses to our business, and save countless man-hours for our IT team. All this has helped us achieve and exceed our compliance and availability objectives, and deliver on our commitment to premium customer service. We have several solutions in our IT infrastructure, but for the value it delivers to our team, Veeam stands out as a favourite.

Ronald D’sa
IT Directo / OSN

Veeam Helps School District Preserve the Integrity of Standardized Tests, Report Cards and Email, Plus Saves $150,000 Yearly

When I talk to school districts struggling to keep critical systems available because legacy backup is slow and unreliable, I tell them about Veeam. Veeam supports our top business priorities and saves us a substantial sum during this time of funding deficits and tight budgets.

Manish Patel
Senior Systems Administrator / Anne Arundel County Public Schools

City of Sarasota Sidesteps Cyber Attack and Avoids $34 Million in Ransom by Restoring Locked Files with Veeam

For the first time, we can tell our city commissioners that business continuity is absolute. Our backups are reliable and recovery is fast. We found a solution that meets the city’s data integrity needs. Veeam will be part of the city’s lifeblood forever.

Herminio Rodriguez
Director of IT / City of Sarasota

Veeam Availability Helps Increase Bank’s Customer Acquisition and Retention

Veeam performance was a game-changer. Veeam enabled us to shift from a technology-driven approach to application availability (our only choice with legacy backup) to a business-driven approach. Not only did we improve customer acquisition and retention, we also lowered the cost of availability in terms of time and money.

Piergiorgio Spagnolatti
Head of Infrastructure / Banca Popolare di Sondrio

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Who’s the Fairest of Them All for Cloud Backup and 24.7.365 Availability?

Veeam is a dream solution that delivers exactly what it promises: 24.7 Availability. Veeam exceeds our expectations each time we restore a VM, file or individual item in an insanely short period of time.

Brian Patow
IT Manager / Electric Mirror

Veeam Helps Nationwide Title Clearing Meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Fortify Document Review (DR) Strategy and Deliver Software As a Service (Saas) 24.7

One of my first goals when I joined NTC was designing a more robust DR plan to ensure business continuity in the event of unforeseen emergencies. Veeam paved the way for our new DR plan with 24.7 Availability. In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, Veeam will restore our systems quickly to protect the business. Veeam gives us tremendous piece of mind, and that’s what gave us the confidence to provide clients with SaaS. With Veeam, we know we can recover the system in minutes.

Ron Kimmell
Vice President of Technology / Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc

Fotona achieves 24.7.365 access to every business function with Veeam

Veeam is part of our IT infrastructure and giving us the ability to respond to business needs quickly, our ERP and critical systems are available all the times. It is an excellent solution.

Marko Žužek

Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG secures data at all locations with Veeam and Dell EMC Data Domain Boost

Veeam offers us the opportunity to automatically secure the VMs from our virtual environment at all locations by WAN stably, and then to quickly recover it at any time if needed.

Michael Behrends
System Administrator / Niedersachsen Ports

Veeam Delivers 24.7.365 Availability of Big Data to Help Law Firm Win Patents

Time is of the essence in the legal industry. Veeam ensures our data is available every minute of every day so the firm can solve clients’ problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Keith Brooks

Manufacturer Virtualizes ERP and Completes Digital Transformation with Veeam

Veeam recovered our ERP system from a backup in minutes. Because of Veeam we suffered no downtime and no impact on productivity. That was the biggest and best return on investment I’ve seen in my 30 years of IT.

Jeff Carroll

Veeam Enables First Baptist Church to Cut Recovery Time by 98%; Double IT Productivity

Veeam has enabled us to cut recovery time by 98 percent while maintaining IT costs through time savings by doubling department productivity. We get more done without having to hire additional people.

Robert Stanley

Veeam Helps Contract Manufacturer Overhaul DR Strategy and Save $50,000 in Backup Storage

Now we can spin up every virtual machine from replicas at our DR site to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. There’s no way to explain the peace of mind Veeam provides.

Dale Witt
Network Engineer / Krypton Solutions

Leading Parcel Delivery Service in Poland Improves Data Disaster Recovery with Veeam Backup & Replication

If you want to build a virtual server infrastructure, as well as back up and protect the data in it, try VMware and Veeam Backup & Replication first. It will save you time and provide stability, safety, performance and easy maintenance.

Lukasz Komorowski
System Administrator / GLS Poland

Kingston Chooses Veeam to Safeguard Virtualized Tier 1 Applications in R&D Lab

When you’re backing up and recovering a tier 1 application, performance is key. Veeam performs so well that we’ve never had to contact its support team. Veeam is fast, reliable and robust, giving us the confidence to virtualize SAP and SQL Server.

Dr. YP Chien

Volvo Dealers Cruise to High Availability with Simac and Veeam

Veeam was the only solution we trusted to recover within four hours. Now dealers have peace of mind knowing their backups are offsite and readily available for fast recovery. They’ve greatly minimised their risk for data loss because Simac and Veeam will get them up and running quickly.

Marc Scheir
IT Project Manager / Volvo Car BeLux