Continuous automated pentest
to check the perimeter and leave no room for chance

It should be a recurring practice, testing what could be system weaknesses and making sure there are no possible breaches in the corporate network perimeter. Precisely with this in mind, a very useful tool comes into play in controlling the situation: the continuous automated penetration tests.

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Likely simulation

The test attack, carried out in a controlled environment and therefore at zero risk , is carried out as it would happen in the real world: directly from the network, without known credentials, just like a hacker would do .

No service interruptions

The purpose is to not get noticed, so we ensure that the process will not interrupt the service, simulating the techniques that an attacker would use. The attacker would try not to be noticed, so will we .

Error reporting and correction

The service provides a detailed report of each step of the attack vector. From this, we draw up a list of vulnerabilities with relative mitigation to be put into practice according to risk priorities .

What is a penetration test for?

A Penetration Test, or Pentest, is a security tool designed to test the strength and security of a network. The idea is to simulate the behavior of malicious people and try to violate the system in various ways. We recommend running a Pentest regularly, especially following major infrastructure changes. However, a Classic Penetration Test is not enough to ensure that daily operations do not put the entire infrastructure at risk. This is why the continuous automated Pentest service was born. By being able to automatically execute exploits directed at the network, it is possible to constantly check that the infrastructure is safe and not exposed to risks.

Use of up-to-date techniques

The system will always use the most up-to-date penetration techniques, for the best possible control.

Variable test frequency

The frequency of continuous testing can reach a daily frequency , to continuously check the state of the infrastructure.

It does not interfere with other services

Continuous automatic pentesting does not affect any other services that SOD offers for business security.

Advanced Persistent Threat hacker

Comparison with the manual Pentest

Pentest Manual Automated
Duration Few days Continued over time
Techniques used Limited to the knowledge of the tester Always up to date. No far-fetched scenarios are implementedi
Coverage Partial, circumstantial Complete
Skill of execution Floating Coherent
Risks It may cause downtime No risk
Attention: The continuous pentest does not exclude the manual one, which instead is a good idea to plan regularly. The two services are not mutually exclusive but complement each other.
Our advice is to perform a Manual Penetration Test and deepened once a year (or after significant changes in the infrastructure) and to run automatic pents continuously. Other services that can be combined with the continuous pentest: Web Application Test , < a href = ""> Cyber Thrat Intelligence , SOCaaS .

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eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester


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Cybrary advanced penetration tester cy-300

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eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Tester





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