Security Awareness
corporate security starts with employees

The social engineering often leverages ignorance to target systems business. Improves the IT behaviors of staff to make them adequate for the current level of risk.

The human side of cyber security

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Cyber attacks caused by negligence or ignorance.
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IT operators who have suffered attacks in the past year.
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Effectiveness of attacks based on the human factor.
Through an interactive Security course Awareness designed for non-specialist personnel of public and private organizations, we are able to develop a high degree of < strong> awareness in the interaction with digital technologies and the web. Greater awareness is undoubtedly the main tool to raise the level of security of organizations from threats coming from the network.
The purpose of a Security Awareness service
The goal of SOD Security Awareness is to improve the ability of the individual company employee to recognize potential network threats. In this way we work to adopt correct behavior and strengthen the overall security level of the company. Greater awareness means less exposure of individuals and organizations to the risk of becoming victims of malicious attacks by cyber criminals .

How the service is carried out

Easy to use

The modules are monthly and include a final assessment test.
You can enjoy them in video or text format.
They are available in different languages .

Simple to follow

The lessons are written in simple, language that is easy to assimilate.
They are intended for a non-expert audience and therefore designed for maximum performance .


Through gamification techniques it is possible to create a virtuous competition and increase the involvement of the participants , by creating different teams that will compete against each other.

Security Awareness lessons
The SOD Security Awareness training course consists of self-consistent training modules, each dedicated to a specific topic. The modules are issued on a monthly basis for a period of 12, 24 or 36 months. Each module consists of 3 short video lessons of 5 minutes each, each of which is linked to a learning test with multiple choice questions. A new verification test is also proposed every 3 modules. A certificate of participation is produced at the end of each year. The overall 36 modules are also organized on 3 training levels , aimed at creating a continuous and progressive learning path, designed on the basis of the knowledge that is gradually acquired.
Add on

Security Awareness Storytelling

In addition to the modules of the Security Awareness service, it further improves the effectiveness of the training path by introducing an engaging method: storytelling . Thanks to experiential immersion in storytelling, you find yourself learning important cybersecurity lessons faster. The Storytelling add-on is comprised of a series of videos focusing on major Cyber threats and how they can concretely affect individuals and organizations. The goal of these videos is to raise the level of user awareness of digital technologies through a training course based on an inductive methodology .

Involvement beyond training

Based on recent studies on storytelling, we have decided to adopt the best technologies to deliver the message:
Thanks to the addition of the storytelling service to that of Security Awareness, the training will offer higher quality results, entertaining, teaching and showing how little is known about cyber security about the reality that surrounds us. The video contents are told in different styles, from cyber-investigative to cyber-news , to make the entire training path even more attractive.

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