Add on to the
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test service

Mobile App Penetration Test

Check that the developed application is test-proof, with this add-on to the penetration testing service.
Mobile app penetration test
Reduce the risks of exploits
Mobile app penetration test - reverse engineering
Prevent reverse engineering
Mobile app penetration test - privacy e sicurezza
Ensures privacy and security
By helping to make our daily lives easier and more productive, devices and mobile apps have become indispensable. However, the amount of data they process means that they are commonly targeted by cyber criminals . If your company has developed software that is used by your employees or customers, it is imperative that you verify that it meets minimum security standards. In addition to our pentesting service, it is now possible to request the mobile app penetration test
What are the risks of an untested app
498 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione Secure Online Desktop penetration testing services are designed to securely identify and exploit security vulnerabilities in infrastructure , systems and applications. As with Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, all of our assessments during the mobile app penetration test are designed to identify hidden security risks and provide the necessary support and guidance to face them.
Mobile app Penetration test

Weak server checks

Mobile app Penetration test

Data storage uncertain

Mobile app Penetration test

Corrupted encryption

Mobile app Penetration test

Risky management of authorizations

Mobile app Penetration test

Improper session management

Mobile app Penetration test

API vulnerability

Applications are incredibly useful but can become a risk. Thanks to SOD’s mobile app penetration test , you can test its reliability.

Add on to the
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test service

Code Review

Each programming language has its own unique properties and therefore security parameters that must be considered during a thorough check of the source code. A code review done professionally can make the difference between identifying critical defects and a serious data breach .
Mobile app Penetration test code review

Find weaknesses early

Mobile app Penetration test code review

Targeted and professional code analysis

Mobile app Penetration test code review

Targeted and professional code analysis

SOD offers both code reviews of main sources and code reviews as an integral part of the development process. When incorporated into the regular System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), our application experts become an integral part of your development team, ensuring that every code change has been thoroughly reviewed by qualified security authorities.
The advantages of a code review

Faster results

Defects are easily identified through code review , avoiding support tickets, sending test data to the application or software, since access to the entire code base of the application is available.

In-depth analysis

The entire layout of the application code is evaluated, including areas that would not be analyzed in a standard test, such as entry points for inputs, internal interfaces, and integrations.

Overcoming limitations

You can discover vulnerabilities that regular automated scans cannot find. Using a security code review identifies weak algorithms, design flaws, but also insecure configurations and risky coding practices.

Delivery of reports

The analysis produces security code review reports including a summary listing strengths and weaknesses and providing detailed results, including code-based solutions and precise fixes.

Recommended solutions

The storage of sensitive data is protected and precise, tailored solutions recommended for developers, with code-level hints that include more comprehensive checks to find all common vulnerabilities.

Meet the standards

Following a code review, all industry regulations and compliance standards are met, including handling sensitive user data and payment methods.

The solidity of the infrastructure also passes through software products,
a thorough code check is a guarantee of security .

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