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Log file management tramite syslog-ng Giacomo Lanzi

Log File Management with the Secure Online Desktop service

IT systems produce large quantities of log files, very useful tools for guaranteeing data security and application stability. However, in a complex ecosystem, the quantity of files and their location can become two insurmountable obstacles to overcome, in case it is necessary to consult the data efficiently. This is where log management systems come into play, which thanks to technologies…

syslog server Piergiorgio Venuti

New service | Log Management – High performance service for collecting logs

syslog server – High performance service for collecting logs Use all the strengths of the syslog-ng Premium Edition Find logs, secure sensitive data with granular access policies and generate reports Forward logs to third-party tools   SYSLOG SERVER – CLOUD LOG MANAGEMENT SERVICE TO MANAGE YOUR LOGS Log Management service allows you to keep logs (applications, system, audit logs, query…

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