SOAR Security Orchestration Giacomo Lanzi

SOAR: what it is and how it can be useful for companies

An increasing number of companies leverage SOAR to improve the effectiveness of their cybersecurity operations. In this article, we explain how harnessing the value of SOAR could be crucial to improving the security of your organization. What is SOAR? Coined by the research firm Gartner, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) is a term used to describe the convergence of…

Sviluppo informatico application programming interface Giacomo Lanzi

Application programming interface: our User API

In the IT development process, sooner or later we come across API services, which stands for Application Programming Interface. To date it is impossible to imagine IT development without. With the API it is possible to connect a service to an application and integrate it efficiently. Before introducing the specific APIs of the Cloud Server service, it is good to…

Programma di affiliazione Giacomo Lanzi

Secure Online Desktop affiliate program

Joining the Secure Online Desktop affiliate program is an interesting opportunity to make the most of your business and generate extra long-lasting revenue. To put it simply, affiliate marketing is a performance-based business model that rewards partners for generating a certain action, usually a sale. This form of business can be an incredibly beneficial and low-risk way of offering quality…

hosting sito web Giacomo Lanzi

Server hosting for SOD website

Based on what the actual need is, choosing hosting for a website is essential. The resources needed to host a fast and secure portal must be the basis on which to decide which plan to choose. Choosing the right provider for the server hosting plan can be complicated, and it’s easy to get lost in the alternatives that the network…

Hosting sito web - server e funzionalità Giacomo Lanzi

Online hosting for websites

Online hosting is the process of using space on a remote server to host a website. The content of the pages (HTML, CSS, images, etc.) must be loaded into the server space to be reached online. Website hosting service providers have servers, connectivity and associated services for hosting online pages. By offering a variety of plans for online hosting, they…

Cloud web conference Alessandro Stesi

Free Cloud Conference for Corona Virus Emergency (COVID-19)

Cloud Conference free for two months for Corona Virus emergency (COVID-19). To cope with the Corona Virus emergency and to help companies with Smart Working tools, the Secure Online Desktop offers the Cloud Conference service free of charge for two months. Cloud Conference is our video conference service that does not require the use of software, no installation is necessary…

Cos'è il cloud Giacomo Lanzi

What is cloud storage? What advantages does it offer?

Cloud storage is a method of storing data that is placed in a place accessible through the network. This place is referred to by the term Cloud. Once the data is transferred to the remote location, it becomes the responsibility of the Cloud Storage Service Provider. The main role of the provider is to ensure a functioning infrastructure and guarantee…

Cos'è il cloud storage? Giacomo Lanzi

ownCloud – simple and secure cloud storage

Through the ownCloud cloud storage service you can collaborate with your colleagues on securely stored content, both locally and remotely. The platform is the # 1 open source collaboration solution and boasts over 50 million users. What is a cloud storage? A cloud storage service, such as ownCloud, allows you to store your files on a remote server, so you…

Alessandro Stesi

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019

Black Friday 2019 – Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Like every year, in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Secure Online Desktop is pleased to offer its amazing discounts on all products Cloud. Get your Cloud service at half the price for a year! With long billing cycles like that will be semi-annual or annual exploit this incredible offer…

Piergiorgio Venuti

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 Like every year, in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Secure Online Desktop is pleased to offer its amazing discounts on all products Cloud. Get your Cloud service at half the price for a year! With long billing cycles like that will be semi-annual or annual exploit this incredible offer for longer You have…

Piergiorgio Venuti

Web directory

Secure Online Desktop is TSection web directory service too   Please follow and like us:

owncloud gratis Piergiorgio Venuti

ownCloud free for our clients

owncloud free for our clients! We are very proud to announce that our new ownCloud service is available with new features and with the demo section as well. You can test, send additional questions to support((at)) and then you can buy directly on-line. We dedicated a special offer for our customers, in fact all our customers may request ownCloud Pro version…

Piergiorgio Venuti

Updates IaaS Infrastructure – version 5.0

New IaaS Architecture was released February 3th! The following section list all the features, improvements, and fixed included in IaaS Service  5.0 release: Type Summary Improvement Now Redis is used to lock LVM operations. Improvement RHEL/CentOS 5.x Ruby packages compiled with OpenSSL 1.0.1e. Improvement Erlang upgraded to 18.3 version. Improvement Improved reliability and cloud engine. Fix Fixed the issue when after…

ICT consulting Roberto Spelta

ICT consulting & body rental

Develop your ICT projects immediately without acquiring new resources, outsources your IT expertise with ICT consulting services and body rental! Read more Please follow and like us:

Roberto Spelta

CloudCRM sul Wiki

Cloud CRM wiki is now online, Cloud CRM for Call Center, this is the link: Supervisors and administrators of CRM can access to the wiki by click on “?” icon on top right corner of admin panel. Please follow and like us:

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It is now availability our newsletter with news and events regarding our services. Register for free at the following address: or see archive at Please follow and like us:

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