With Secure Online Desktop hosting plans, you have access to a convenient control panel. In addition to the collection of all information on the status of the server, the management of mailboxes and files, it is also possible to access a dedicated panel to manage WordPress in all its aspects. The section of the panel is called WordPress Toolkit and today we deepen it to understand when it is useful.

Manage WordPress from the hosting panel

WordPress is really widespread, so much so that 37% of all websites use this CMS. If we compare the numbers that concern only its competitors, such as Joomla !, Drupal or Wix (to name a few), then WordPress appears in 62% of web platforms that use a Content Management System. (Data from

WordPress is powerful, expandable, modular and flexible. It lends itself perfectly to build blogs, ecommerce, company sites and even forums, with the appropriate plugins. For its wide diffusion, the hosting control panel offers a special section to manage WordPress.

Manage WordPress from hosting panel

Install and manage a WordPress site

Once you have accessed the control panel, just go to the WordPress toolkit section and click on the install button. A screen will appear asking for more information for the installation.

Wordpress Site Management

The installation options include: installation path (different instances of WordPress can be installed on different paths), site name, theme to be installed (or plug-in packages), the language of the site and even the version of WordPress. Other options concern the administrator username and password, the database and automatic updates.

Really interesting is the possibility of installing package sets during WordPress installation. The choice includes three sets of plugins: essential, e-commerce and classic, with and without the addition of the Jetpack plugin.


Once installed, the management of the WordPress site is facilitated by being able to install, enable and disable plugins and themes on the site. Being able to do this without accessing the site backend helps to manage all the portal functions even more immediately.

It is in fact possible to update everything with a simple click, simply by pressing the updates button and then giving confirmation.

Security management

Security Measures WordPress site managementOnce the site is installed, by clicking on security, you access a list of site security options. Security measures such as changing the default name of the administrator user and the prefix of the database tables are automatically recommended and enabled, but it is possible to operate options such as protecting files from the WordPress dashboard, excluding pingback and protection from bot.

Everything is easily selectable from a list of items and then, by clicking on Secure, the measures are put into practice.

SEO WordPress from the hosting panel

Installing, managing and securing our WordPress site are just some of the advantages that the SOD hosting control panel offers. A really interesting feature is that offered by the SEO toolkit panel.

By accessing this section of the hosting service dashboard, you access the valuable SEO information relating to the domain we are managing. It is possible to check which keywords are used on the site and the positioning of the domain in the search results.

By clicking on details, in the site audit section, you can view in detail the various factors that make up the SEO score of the site.

Importance of SEO

Most of the common SEO techniques are geared towards obtaining well-organized web pages full of interesting content for users who visit the pages. Research carried out in April 2020 shows how some of the most popular techniques have an effective impact on positioning.

Positioning in search results depends on many factors. Some depend on the quantity and density of the keywords in a text, the correctness of the content, the number of outgoing and incoming links, how the titles and other factors of this kind are written.

SEO and WordPress from the SOD hosting panel

SEO WordPress in detail

The SOD hosting control panel provides SEO analysis and tips for the installed site. The SEO techniques to be applied to have a good positioning are deduced by analyzing the search results and checking the Google release notes regarding its indexing algorithm. SEO is therefore very important, but at the same time linked to many factors and details of a certain page or article, as we have seen before.

In the Site Audit section, under SEO toolkit, in the hosting management panel, you can find a list of possible problems and their relevance for the SEO of the domain.

The possible problems are divided into three areas: content, SEO and technology. Each entry provides a number of instances of detecting the problem on the site. By clicking on the item, information is provided on what to do and not to do regarding the topic, as well as the pages on which it was found, to correct it.

Being able to rely on a tool that analyzes and verifies SEO on your site is not at all obvious. Most of the time it would be necessary to rely on special plugins for the analysis of your site, but thanks to the functionality offered by our hosting control panel, the analysis is already available.


To manage a wordpress site you need patience and a good knowledge of the product. Thanks to the functionality of the SOD hosting panel, it is possible to simplify the process by centralizing the management of plugins and themes, as well as the analysis and verification of SEO techniques, in a single and convenient control panel.

You can try these features by accessing a panel demo. You can test firsthand how simple it is to have everything under control and manage your WordPress site more efficiently.

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Based on what the actual need is, choosing hosting for a website is essential. The resources needed to host a fast and secure portal must be the basis on which to decide which plan to choose.

Choosing the right provider for the server hosting plan can be complicated, and it’s easy to get lost in the alternatives that the network offers. In addition to the price, it is also essential to consider the performance, safety and assistance offered by the provider.

Server Hosting for SOD (Secure Online Desktop) website

The offer that SOD offers is complete and presents solutions for every need. Through the dashboard it is possible to keep everything under control and access the various features of the service. The control panel is based on Plesk, one of the world standards for the management of this type of services.

Domain and hosting

Through the main section of the integrated Plesk control panel it is possible to:

View important hosting and domain information.

Remove and add new domains, subdomains and aliases

Administer the hosting settings

– Create and manage databases and users

Install SSL certificates

View domain statistics

Also in this section you can access the backup manager which also allows you to set an automation for creating backups.


The hosting service for the website includes email addresses linked to the chosen domain. These can easily be created or removed from the appropriate section in the panel.

For each email account it is possible to assign storage space, aliases and automatic replies to messages or the redirection of the same. It is also possible to set spam filters and block email addresses.


The hosting space for SOD websites has the possibility of installing additional tools. These can be set and eliminated through the appropriate section.

You can easily install CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, but also other tools with both commercial and free licenses. Applications dedicated to e-commerce, online marketing or eLearning are ready to be installed, just to mention some areas of interest.

The apps offered are ready to be implemented with a single click and cover a wide range of possible needs.

File management

Uploading and managing files on the host space is facilitated by the File Manager integrated in the control panel. It is also possible to edit the files directly from the integrated code editor.

Moving, adding or deleting documents on the server is very simple and does not require the use of additional software.


You can view detailed reports on the use of the resources provided with the subscription. Useful statistics such as detailed analysis of storage space and monthly traffic can be easily consulted to keep an eye on the expansion of the hosted sites.

If you have subscribed to different plans, you can view reports for each of the subscriptions.

WordPress Toolkit

WordPress, the well-known CMS used worldwide, has a privileged section in the control panel offered by SOD through Plesk. From here it is possible to manage the installation of the Content Manager and check which plugins and themes are installed.

Through the section it is even possible to manage multiple instances of WordPress. You can also conveniently test new CMS features in a sandbox test environment without the risk of compromising platform installation.

Hosting for a website – Available server hosting plans

The server hosting plans available with SOD are 3 and cover the most common needs of those who want to add their presence to the web in a simple and safe way.

The Starter plan offers an included domain, 20 email addresses and 100Mb of mailbox space. The web space is 10 Gb and traffic reaches 2 Tb monthly. Features are really interesting for hosting a simple website capable of managing the first growth processes on the network.

The Business and Ultimate plans are designed as more complete solutions and offer 2 and 4 domains respectively. The web space ranges from 20 to 40 Gb and the traffic from 5 to 10 Tb. Consequently, the number of databases and e-mail boxes available also increase.

Try the control panel for free with the demo account. In this way you can see how simple it is to use and full of useful features for the management of hosting a website.

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