Procedural Safety Analysis

Verify that company operations comply with the standards set for data processing
The data held by companies, including those of their customers, fall under mandatory rules which define the procedures by which this data must be processed. Secure Online Desktop offers a procedural security analysis service that verifies that the rules are respected and all related procedures are adequate and meet the requirements imposed by law.
How the service is carried out
The European data protection regulation (G.D.P.R.), under processing security, indicates the obligations to be respected in order to process personal data. The standard ISO 27001 , on the other hand, defines the requirements necessary to set up and manage an information security management system . The rules on security, in general, require that procedures are put into practice at a level appropriate to the risk for the data processed. For this reason and for the complexity of the rules, it is not always easy to be sure that the procedures are sufficient and carried out correctly.
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Procedural security analysis

The analysis activity is carried out through interviews and interviews, on-site or remotely. A report is then drawn up and, if requested, interventions are proposed for compliance with the regulations.
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Personalized advice

Analysis of the safety organization in terms of procedures and tools.

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Risk analysis

The types and quantities of data are identified, consequently the potential risks.

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Identification of critical points

Following the analyzes, the critical points of the data management process are assessed.

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Compliance with standards

The procedures in use are checked and changes are proposed for adaptation.

What procedures are involved?

As there is no list of specific procedures , adherence to the terms of the rules is left to the data managers. However, it is necessary that the procedures respect certain parameters , which are the ones being analyzed. Wanting to give some examples on the procedures involved:
In addition to the procedures in the strict sense, we will ensure that the security measures in place are : effective, effective, monitorable, periodically checked and objectively evaluated by tracing the activities carried out in the execution.
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As it is easy to guess, the procedures used are like a tailored suit, tailor-made for each company and operational reality . Is your company ready for compliance? Contact us to find out and also regulate this aspect of safety.

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