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An advanced protection service in a single all-in-one solution. Conventional security tools are no longer adequate against modern cyber criminals . Software conflicts and the need to make different tools work together are a thing of the past, thanks to Acronis and full-stack protection against cyber threats.
Difesa contro i malware


Acronis Cyber Protect


Acronis Cyber Protect - Auto discovery


Patch Management

Patch management

Through Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, verify that your systems are truly attack-proof! More and more often people think about the security of their network only when it is too late. Don’t get caught unprepared!

Network sniffing

Interception and analysis of sent network packets


ARP spoofing

Man-in-the-middle attacks against the network


IP port scanning

Network scanning in order to identify access routes


Vulnerability search

Vulnerability analysis in the ISO/OSI stack


Password deduction

Attempts to steal and deduce system passwords


Systems control

Attempt to remotely control systems.

Business email compromise
Check your employees are prepared for phishing attacks. Are staff prepared to deal with attacks designed to obtain sensitive information ? Find out with an Ethical Phishing. campaign

Program simulated phishing attacks

Through the use of ethical phishing , schedule testing for your employees and check their preparedness in the matter.

Risultati phishing etico

Check and implement

Results in hand, you will be able to verify the resilience of the company to this type of attacks, allowing you to implement ad hoc solutions.

Presentazione Phishing

Help your team

It supports staff members by providing them with the tools to detect successful first attempts.

Attacchi phishing

Test the defense of your company

You will be able to see in the field how the members of your company react in the face of potential fraud.

Identify potential data leaks

Data in hand, knowing in which sector your company shows the weakest human defenses, you will know which department to defend the most.

Debolezze nel comportamento

Find out about the bad habits of the team

Plenty of people put corporate data at risk without thinking that certain behavior or software could expose the company. Help your employees be conscientious.

The system offered by our SOC as a Service is equipped with artificial intelligence which continuously analyzes log-files to identify threats and mitigate risks. The intervention of a specialized technician, available 24/7, verifies potential threats and intervenes to block attacks in the bud. A notice to the customer is sent in case of need. A SOCaaS offers the necessary precautions against known techniques and identifies correlation between data indicating possible attacks with as yet unknown techniques .
Monitoring SIEM Analisi dati

Collection of log files


Data Analysis (SIEM)


Anomaly detection


Manual control


Possible problem


Customer notification

Monitoring SIEM Analisi dati
It should be a recurring practice, testing what could be system weaknesses and making sure there are no possible breaches in the corporate network perimeter. Precisely with this in mind, a very useful tool comes into play in controlling the situation: the continuous automated penetration tests.

Likely simulation

The test attack, carried out in a controlled environment and therefore at zero risk , is carried out as it would happen in the real world: directly from the network, without known credentials, just like a hacker would do .

No service interruptions

The purpose is to not get noticed, so we ensure that the process will not interrupt the service, simulating the techniques that an attacker would use. The attacker would try not to be noticed, so will we .

Error reporting and correction

The service provides a detailed report of each step of the attack vector. From this, we draw up a list of vulnerabilities with relative mitigation to be put into practice according to risk priorities .

Comparison with the manual Pentest
Pentest Manual Automated
Duration Few days Continued over time
Techniques used Limited to the knowledge of the tester Always up to date. No far-fetched scenarios are implemented
Coverage Partial, circumstantial Complete
Skill of execution Floating Coherent
Risks It could cause downtime No risk
Warning: The continuous pentest does not exclude the manual one, which instead is a good idea to plan regularly. The two services are not mutually exclusive but complement each other.
Advanced Persistent Threat hacker
Advanced Persistent Threat hacker
Cyber Threat Intelligence is evidence-based knowledge about an emerging threat or a risk to one’s assets. The service, performed by a Cyber Threat Hunter , assumes that a threat is present, before to have the evidence . The research uses indicators of compromise and other possible evidence of a threat.
cyber threat intelligence staff

Team efficiency

34% less time spent by the security team writing reports

+ 0 %
Threats identified before the attack
cyber threat intelligence velocità di identificazione

Fast location of threats

Up to 10x faster in identifying a threat.

- 0 %
Unexpected downtime
cyber threat intelligence soluzioni più veloci

Timely mitigation

Detected threats are suppressed faster .

0 M
Potential losses for each attack detected in time
By helping to make our daily lives easier and more productive, devices and mobile apps have become indispensable. However, the amount of data they process means that they are commonly targeted by cybercriminals . If your company has developed software that is used by your employees or customers, it is imperative to verify that it meets minimum security standards. In addition to our pentesting service, it is now possible to request the mobile app penetration test
Mobile app penetration test
Reduce the risks of exploits
Mobile app penetration test - reverse engineering
Prevent reverse engineering
Mobile app penetration test - privacy e sicurezza
Ensures privacy and security
If required, we constantly monitor your web applications and APIs to ensure they are always attack-proof . Every code change is quickly tested, verified and sent to your team with SLA free from false positives. Always included: Unlimited 24/7 access to our security analysts for customizable and threat-aware pentesting.
No false positives

Money back guarantee for only one false positive.

Thorough testing

Business logic testing, check of the top 25 errors (SANS), PCI DSS and OWASP coverage.

Report always available

Specific repair guidelines and 24/7 access to analytics.

Timely tests

Once your code has changed, ours experts will test it promptly.


One-click WAF virtual patch, SDLC and CI / CD integration.

ingegneria sociale ufficio
We want to offer a complete professional security service. This is why we cannot overlook attacks that exploit social engineering techniques and physical tampering with systems . Through these add-ons to the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test services, we 360 ° proof of your company’s security by testing its resilience to physical security attacks.
Sicurezza fisica Social Engineer

Social Engineer

The art of fooling people through empathy or outright scams could be your company's fatal weakness

sicurezza fisica Rogue AP

Rogue AP

Corrupt access points that are mistaken for legitimate. Sometimes it's not enough to be connected to the company wifi to be safe

sicurezza fisica attacchi in loco

Capture data from the network

Are communications on the network really secure? Is the corporate VPN working properly? Do employees always use it?

sicurezza fisica dumpster diving

Dumpster Diving

One hardly ever pays attention to what is thrown into the garbage can, instead it is the case to pay attention to what and how this happens

Attacks on the spot

Network tampering

Businesses are connected to the telephone and internet networks like any other building. If you can have access to the control units and therefore to the physical connections of the cables, it is possible to install data interception devices passing through a specific cable. The access to the cable can take place by forcing or by exploiting the tailgating .


This technique, widely used in the London and New York subways, consists of entering a building by queuing up with an employee and taking advantage of the very short period of time in which the door is closing to avoid using bells or badge. Once inside, the possibilities of attack become manifold.

Shoulder Surfing

This technique consists of spying on a user who types in a password or access code and then re-uses it later. For example: If company doors are protected by a code, it may be easy to wait for an employee to enter it and look at what digits make up the code.

The use of tools such as corporate VPNs offer many advantages, first of all, browsing data protection . Whether you are in the office, at home or in a cafeteria, with a VPN you can enjoy the advantages of a local network, taking advantage of the coverage of the normal internet network. The connections are protected and therefore there is no risk of theft in the transmissions.
VPN Aziendali

Data safe at all times


For any device

Free wifi

Even from public networks

Encrypted internet traffic

A VPN is a network service that can be used to encrypt Internet traffic and protect your online identity.

VPN - Network Aziendali

The same network from everywhere

A VPN is comparable to an extension of the corporate local network. It is possible to connect various locations together as if they were in the same LAN .

VPN Aziendali

Transmit data securely

The machines connected to the same VPN are virtually in a single local network and can behave accordingly, in complete safety.

The data held by companies, including those of their customers, fall under mandatory rules which define the procedures by which this data must be processed. Secure Online Desktop offers a procedural security analysis service that verifies that the rules are respected and all related procedures are adequate and meet the requirements imposed by law.
Sicurezza procedurale colloquio

The analysis activity is carried out through interviews and interviews, on site or remotely. A report is then drawn up and, if requested, interventions are proposed for compliance with the regulations.

sicurezza procedurale consulenze

Personalized advice

Analysis of the safety organization in terms of procedures and tools.

Sicurezza procedurale Rischi

Risk analysis

The types and quantities of data are identified, consequently the potential risks.

Sicurezza procedurale analisi

Identification of critical points

Following the analyzes, the critical points of the data management process are assessed.

Sicurezza procedurale adeguamento

Adaptation to standards

The procedures in use are checked and changes are proposed for adaptation.

Through an interactive Security course Awareness designed for non-specialist personnel of public and private organizations, we are able to develop a high degree of < strong> awareness in the interaction with digital technologies and the web. Greater awareness is undoubtedly the main tool to raise the level of security of organizations from threats coming from the network.
Security Awareness lessons
How the service is carried out

Easy to use

The modules are monthly and include a final assessment test.
You can enjoy them in video or text format.
They are available in different languages .

Simple to follow

The lessons are written in simple, language that is easy to assimilate.
They are intended for a non-expert audience and therefore designed for maximum performance .


Through gamification techniques it is possible to create a virtuous competition and increase the involvement of the participants , by creating different teams that will compete against each other.

Security Awareness lessons

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