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Business continuity 



The Secure Online Desktop S.r.l. is able to carry out Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) audit projects in order to verify their correct drafting and implementation. These audits may be necessary both for external verification of internal IT processes and for supplier control in case of IT outsourcing.




After analyzing the documentation provided by the client or his supplier and following the real needs, the actions that are recommended to comply with the corporate security policies and the minimum pre-requisites that these activities must meet are listed. In this phase, the RPO and RTO are also verified in such a way that they comply with what is specified in the policies or in the supply contract (in case of outsourcers).

Findings are listed and described in order to examine any countermeasures.



For identified and marked locations one or more possible countermeasures are provided. This information makes it possible to intervene on the correction of the BCPs / DRPs and on the relative business processes, they provide the guidelines that the IT staff will have to follow for the adaptation.



An audit (audit) of the BCP and DRP plans is necessary for all those companies that want an external verification from a third party of their Business Continuity plans in order to identify any problems and to improve their quality. The Audit process is not limited to the documentary verification of the BCPs and DRPs, but also technically verifies that the technological solutions declared in the documentation are actually in operation and that they are functioning correctly. It is not uncommon, in the face of a “disaster”, to note that although the DRP plan provides a DR (Disaster Recovery) procedure this did not work as expected and that the same has never been verified with the execution regular and program verification plans.


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