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Cloud Provider Reggio Emilia

cloud provider reggio emilia

Secure Online Desktop is a Cloud Provider of Reggio Emilia, a Service Provider able to offer application services and / or disk space through private (private cloud) or public (public cloud or cloud) networks to companies or individuals.

This means that software and customer data can be used via the Internet and are made available thanks to our Datacenter located in via Caldera 21 in Milan next to MIX (Milan Internet eXchange).

The services offered in Cloud in the SaaS (Software as a Service) range from the Cloud Server, to Web Hosting, to the Web conference.

Cloud services like those offered by Secure Online Desktop have become increasingly in demand by companies because they offer advantages in terms of cost, scalability and accessibility.

Cloud providers like Secure Online Desktop are also known as utility computing providers. This role is associated with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that also offer other managed IT solutions.

cloud provider Reggio Emilia


The adoption of services in Cloud offers a series of advantages both in economic and technical terms.

Economic advantages:

   ♦ Elimination of initial fixed costs: savings resulting from not having to incur the purchase costs for servers, network devices and software and the related maintenance costs.
   ♦ Reduction of investments: moving from a fixed cost model (capex) to a much more flexible model, based on the payment of a monthly fee (opex).
   ♦ Greater flexibility: with cloud services it is possible to increase and decrease (even automatically) hardware resources in order to adapt to your needs that vary over time.
   ♦ Focusing on your business: the management and maintenance of the IT infrastructure is entrusted to specialized Cloud Service technicians, making the customer able to devote himself exclusively to his own core business.

Technical advantages:

   ♦ Accessibility: customer services hosted in Cloud can be easily reached from any device and from anywhere.
   ♦ Scalability: you can configure your cloud infrastructure to automatically adapt to requests for online services.
   ♦ Security: possibility of having data protection mechanisms (backup / restore system, redundant infrastructure, firewall, etc.)

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